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Optimize your business with a single cloud-based platform that connects your care, services, and financial operations. Manage the change to PDPM with confidence and optimize your outcomes with transformational tools that drive a culture of continuous quality care. We've designed resources to guide you through a three step process to help face the new quality-driven world of PDGM with confidence. PointClickCare is the leading electronic health record (EHR) technology partner to North America’s long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior care industry. We are committed to helping our customers navigate the new realities of their markets with confidence. More than 21,000 skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and home health agencies rely on us every day to build innovative solutions that transform the way care is delivered.

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StoriiCare is a software platform for assisted living providers, adult day care centers, and care homes. Used as a tool to instruct, record and improve quality of care, it enables care staff to digitally record their care, providing management with oversight and reducing common industry inefficiencies. StoriiCare also connects families to their loved ones, allowing them to contribute to their care and be informed of events in their life.

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Yardi Senior Living Suite

Create a foundation for success with integrated senior living management software. Unify senior housing operations, grow your occupancy and deliver quality care, all from one platform. Unify property management, finance and business oversight with comprehensive senior housing software for improved efficiency, reduced costs and responsive resident services. Make smarter, faster decisions and drive growth in your communities with business intelligence software designed for senior living providers. Boost revenue and maximize occupancy with mobile-friendly marketing and leasing tools specifically for senior housing providers. Keep health records error free, limit liability and improve resident satisfaction with a full-service electronic health record solution specifically designed for senior housing management. Yardi Long Term Care helps nurses in Canada save time with streamlined charting and automated assessments so they can focus on resident satisfaction.

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Businesses seeking a quality management system

About HealthStream Quality Manager

You provide quality care for your residents because it’s the right thing to do. You focus on survey performance because it’s required. You address federal regulations because it’s the law. HealthStream Quality Manager, brought to you by HealthStream can help you drive success in all three areas. And as much as you and your staff prepare for your annual survey, you never really know what to expect. With HealthStream Quality Manager, you’ll know. HealthStream Quality Manager combines resident interviews, observations, record reviews and patient data, allowing you to take action on specific quality improvement efforts. Long term care involves complying with complex regulatory requirements. HealthStream Quality Manager helps you figure out where gaps are in your facility so that you can address them and be in compliance. Being in compliance means fewer deficiencies, fewer penalties and lower costs.


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Founded: 1990

United States

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Our human services software offers full functionality for case management, client tracking, electronic health record (EHR), and homeless information management (HMIS) all under one roof.We work with agencies across the spectrum of human services: including developmental disabilities, mental health, substance use disorder, homelessness, supportive housing, HCBS, and much more.Foothold is HIPAA-compliant mental health software, federally certified as an EHR, and offers full interoperability as you navigate the new landscape of care coordination and value-based care.Transform the way you provide care with nimble software and a partnership guided by experience.

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HealthWare provides a complete software solution to manage the clinical and financial needs of your home care agency while maintaining regulatory requirements. Its ease of use and comprehensive home health specific features help your agency improve in areas such as communication, outcomes, and reimbursem*nt, as well as reduces operating costs. Since HealthWare’s applications are seamlessly integrated, information flows smoothly from intake, to scheduling, and clinical, then feeds directly into billing for timely reimbursem*nt and accurate reporting. With HealthWare you can provide better quality care, more efficiently, without worrying about compliance. All patient records can be safely kept in HealthWare‘s secure EMR, including collaborations between departments using TeamWork. No need to print clinical documents, both clinicians and patients can sign electronically, and physicians can sign digitally using the Physician Portal.

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Datamatics CareEase

Datamatics CareEase is a comprehensive solution for care management and patient engagement.Datamatics’ CareEase is a comprehensive solution for long-term care management and resident engagement. It is a digital, cloud-based platform that addresses the requirements of all stakeholders including care workers, care managers, doctors, and medical staff. CareEase, an evidence-based fully automated care management solution offers real-time monitoring of members' vital health parameters while increasing your operational efficiency by over 80%. CareEase provides secured access to data through hand-held as well desktop devices.

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HealthStream ComplyQ/SafetyQ

Let’s face it. Your management of training, safety, and accessibility is key for the success of your organization. Mitigating risk will allow your organization to avoid costly violations by ensuring your workforce is compliant and providing the highest level of care quality possible.Meet regulatory requirements, address health equity, and ensure patient privacy and safety amidst ever-changing healthcare compliance laws and regulations.HealthStream's ComplyQ and SafetyQ offer a smart, mobile-first safety and compliance education program that helps organizations reach competence and reduce risk. This program focuses on improving the learner's experience by leveraging the latest in educational science with adaptive micro-learning content, videos, infographics, and more.

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HealthStream Quality Manager (2024)


How can I be a better quality manager? ›

Six Characteristics of an Outstanding Quality Manager
  1. You express yourself verbally and in writing clearly and concisely. ...
  2. Be organized. ...
  3. Nothing escapes your critical eye. ...
  4. You are an analyst and are objective. ...
  5. You love the research and are well versed on up to date guidelines. ...
  6. They make a difference at an organization.

What does Healthstream do? ›

We help organizations looking to support their greatest asset – people. Our innovative applications improve performance and streamline operations, elevating safety and minimizing risk across your workforce.

Is being a quality manager hard? ›

Being a quality manager is a rewarding yet challenging role. To do this job well, you need certain skills to make sure products and services meet set requirements and standards. Being a quality manager is more than knowing about the product or service—it's also about managing people, processes and strategies.

What is the highest salary of quality manager? ›

Employees as Quality Manager earn an average of ₹18.8lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹14.0lakhs to ₹50.0lakhs based on 4356 profiles.

Can you do healthstreams at home? ›

How do I access HealthStream from home? To access HealthStream from a home network, users can go to the URL provided by the administrator and log in to the HealthStream portal.

Who is CEO of HealthStream? ›

Is HealthStream a real company? ›

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HealthStream has additional offices in Boulder, Colorado and San Diego, California.

How can I be a better QA manager? ›

It's better to encourage testers to try new things and risk that they fail, rather than require that they come to you with every single new suggestion. When you remove the obstacles that may prevent people from being self-sufficient, you give each individual on your team the opportunity to showcase their actual skills.

How can quality management be improved? ›

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Quality Management System
  1. Consolidate Quality Control (QC) Data. ...
  2. Make Supply Chain Performance Visible. ...
  3. Vary QC Approaches Based on Supplier Performance. ...
  4. Roll Out Consistent Quality and Compliance Standards. ...
  5. Establish a Clear Procedure for Vetting New Supply Chain Partners.

How do I become a good quality control manager? ›

How to become a quality control manager
  1. Understand the production process. Improving the manufacturing process is a priority for quality control professionals. ...
  2. Get certified. ...
  3. Gain experience in quality control and management. ...
  4. Leadership. ...
  5. Problem-solving. ...
  6. Technical skills. ...
  7. Time management. ...
  8. Attention to detail.

What is the greatest strength of a quality manager? ›

The greatest strength of a quality manager should be: - Quick problem-solving capacity. - Critical thinking. - Being unbiased with every member of their team.

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