2024 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing (2024)


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2024 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing (3)

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2024 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing (4)

June 6, 2024
June 6, 2024

Discover the Future of Medical Staff Credentialing with HealthStream's 8th Annual Report

Welcome to the 8th edition of HealthStream's Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing, the industry's most sought-after resource for insights, trends, and actionable strategies in medical staff credentialing. This year, we continue our tradition of excellence, delivering unparalleled depth and breadth of analysis to healthcare professionals.

This report not only highlights where the medical staff credentialing field is today but also charts a course for where it is headed. Whether you are looking to update your credentialing and privileging processes, tackle emerging challenges, or simply stay informed about industry trends, HealthStream's Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing is an essential resource for every healthcare professional. With actionable insights and data-driven strategies, it is designed to help your organization achieve its highest potential.

Get your copy today


For current HealthStream customers and hStream subscribers, we are pleased to offer this invaluable report free of charge as an included benefit to our customer community. Access via your HealthStream Community site for free. Contact credentialing@healthstream.com with any questions.

2024 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing (2024)


Why is credentialing healthcare staff important? ›

Reason #1: Credentialing Improves Trust

When patients know that their doctors and the other medical staff they interact with are fully qualified to perform their jobs in a professional manner, they're more likely to put their faith in the healthcare system and cooperate with practitioners.

What is the difference between credentialing and privileging? ›

Privileging, however, involves authorizing a healthcare practitioner to perform specific clinical activities or procedures within their scope of practice. Unlike credentialing, which focuses on qualifications, privileging determines the specific patient care services a practitioner can deliver.

Which credentialing methods are used in the United States? ›

Credentials is a broad term that can refer to a practitioner's license, certification, or education. In the United States, government agencies grant and monitor licenses; professional organizations certify practitioners. Certification can be either a prerequisite for licensure or, in some cases, an alternative.

What is credentialing experience? ›

Credentialing teams gather and validate healthcare providers' qualifications, licenses, and certifications. Their meticulous verification ensures that all practitioners adhere to the rigorous standards of medical boards and healthcare regulations.

What are the benefits of credentialing? ›

The Benefits of Credentialing

It not only provides you with the assurance that you are meeting all of the requirements to provide quality care and remain compliant, but it also helps with the following: Increased Visibility: Credentialing your practice allows you to become more visible to potential patients and payers.

How has credentialing affected US healthcare? ›

Credentialing plays a crucial role for several reasons: Quality of Care: Ensures all healthcare professionals have the qualifications to provide safe and effective care by undergoing rigorous credentialing. Legal Compliance: Helps healthcare facilities comply with federal and state regulatory requirements.

What is a credentialing checklist? ›

The most important physician credentialing checklist of information is as follows: Educational history and transcripts. Current medical license, DEA registration, and board certification. Work history. Evidence of continual malpractice coverage.

What is the most rigorous form of credentialing? ›

Final answer: Credentialism is the most rigorous form of credentialing, emphasizing the importance of certificates or degrees in demonstrating skills and qualifications. It is prevalent in many professions and often requires extensive education and specialized training.

What software is used for credentialing? ›

Best Credentialing Software include:

Accredible, Credly, Sertifier, MedTrainer, CertifyMe Credentials, Certopus, Modio Health OneView, Give My Certificate, VMware Learning Platform and BadgeCert.

What makes a great credentialing specialist? ›

Credentialing specialists must be familiar with medical terminology, have solid research skills, and have exceptional organizational skills.

What is checked during a credentialing process? ›

Applications require information about education and training, licensure, specialty board certification, professional liability insurance, and work experience. After gathering the necessary documentation, credentialing specialists then check the accuracy of the information provided through primary source verification.

How do you explain credentialing? ›

When you're credentialing the providers in your healthcare facility, you'll likely be checking for proof that they are legally considered LIPs. You need to verify the qualifications of each LIP's education and training from primary sources. Typically, this process involves a lot of documentation.

Why is credentialing important for medical assistants? ›

Credentialing is vital for medical assistants because it ensures that they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to perform their duties competently and safely. Credentialing also provides a level of assurance to patients that they are receiving care from qualified professionals.

Why is credentialing important to the success of managed care organization? ›

Credentialing ensures that all providers and staff have the required qualifications and credentials for their job roles. By emphasizing this important step, you can improve your organization's reputation and trustworthiness among patients and the broader community.

How credentialing helps in achieving quality care? ›

Credentialing maintains the quality of healthcare services by validating the educational background, training, and experience of healthcare providers.

Why is certification in a healthcare profession important? ›

When healthcare professionals acquire relevant certifications, they demonstrate their commitment to staying current with industry standards and best practices. This commitment, in turn, translates to a higher level of competence and expertise, leading to better patient outcomes.

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