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Book bus tickets Kyiv - Bled on Infobus.eu. Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Kyiv. Low prices from carriers for coaches Kyiv - Bled. Plan your trip to the city Bled, Slovenia with us.


Kyiv Ukraine

Bled Slovenia

Price: 8782.08 UAHBooking

Route on map

How from Kyiv quickly reach the center of Bled in 2024. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Kyiv depart and where they arrive at Bled. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Slovenia, the distance in kilometers.

Popular destinations to Bled

  • Ljubljana → Bled
  • Venezia → Bled
  • Treviso → Bled
  • Postojna → Bled
  • Bologna → Bled
  • Marseille → Bled
  • Grenoble → Bled
  • Paris → Bled
  • Odessa → Bled
  • Lviv → Bled

Best routes from Kyiv

  1. Kyiv → Warszawa
  2. Kyiv → Chisinau
  3. Kyiv → Odessa
  4. Kyiv → Chișinău aeroport
  5. Kyiv → Lviv
  6. Kyiv → Kharkiv
  7. Kyiv → Krakow
  8. Kyiv → Dnipro
  9. Kyiv → Praha
  10. Kyiv → Warszawa airport Chopina


How to purchase bus tickets Kyiv-Bled?

Log on to infobus.eu. Enter Kyiv-Bled as departure and arrival city, departure date and click "Search". Among all flights with free seats, choose one, book a seat on the bus and pay online.

Are there travel restrictions Kyiv-Bled?

Ticket search has no time limit, but we recommend booking tickets Kyiv-Bled in advance to avoid a shortage of available seats. You can also search for tickets on the day of departure. The system will provide a list of all flights with free seats at the time of search.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

As the demand for tickets has increased several times in recent weeks, we recommend that you buy your tickets Kyiv-Bled at least 3 days before your trip, because there is a good chance that all seats will be sold out.

Is it cheaper to choose a direct flight Kyiv-Bled or with connections?

In the direction Kyiv-Bled there are flights with connections only.

Is it beneficial to purchase tickets Kyiv-Bled-Kyiv?

If you purchase round-trip tickets Kyiv-Bled in one order per passenger, some carriers offer a discount. For details on discounts and carriers, please contact our support team at infobus.eu.

What is the ticket price Kyiv-Bled?

Ticket prices Kyiv-Bled depend on the carriers operating a particular flight, the route of travel, the availability of connections, etc.

How often do the buses Kyiv-Bled?

There are quite a few carriers in our system that perform flights Kyiv-Bled. Some of them travel every day, others - on certain days of the week. In general, flights in this direction run several times daily, so the choice is quite wide.

How long does it take to get through border control Slovenia?

Depending on passenger traffic at the border Slovenia, it can take up to several hours to clear the border.

What buses are taken to the city Bled?

For trips Kyiv-Bled large, comfortable Euro-class buses are provided as standard. More details about the vehicles are provided directly next to each individual trip.

Where else in Ukraine do buses to Bled depart from ?

Log on to infobus.eu, under "Countries" select Ukraine and the system will give you all cities Ukraine with bus connections to the city Bled.

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Bus tickets Kyiv - Bled on INFOBUS (2024)
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