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Book bus tickets Bristol - Reading on Infobus.eu. Find out the ticket prices and timetable of buses from Bristol. Low prices from carriers for coaches Bristol - Reading. Plan your trip to the city Reading, Great Britain with us.


Bristol Great Britain

Reading Great Britain

Price: 36.91 GBPBooking

Route on map

How from Bristol quickly reach the center of Reading in 2024. Routes of buses on the map with stops. From where do the coaches in Bristol depart and where they arrive at Reading. Travel time by bus: how many hours coach go to Great Britain, the distance in kilometers.

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How to purchase bus tickets Bristol-Reading?

You can buy tickets Bristol-Reading at any of our offices or online at infobus.eu. To buy online, simply enter your desired departure date in the search form and choose the one that suits you best from the huge number.

Are there any travel restrictions on Bristol-Reading?

There are no such restrictions. After payment, your tickets Bristol-Reading in PDF format will be automatically sent to the e-mail address specified in your order.

How many days before the trip is it best to look for tickets?

The system always gives a list of buses with free seats, regardless of the search time, but we advise you to book tickets Bristol-Reading as early as possible.

Is it cheaper to choose a direct flight Bristol-Reading or with connections?

From the city Bristol to the city Reading is more profitable with a connection. Details of the transfer point are provided by the carrier.

Would two way tickets be cheaper?

Discounts are valid only for return tickets Bristol-Reading and are available only on certain carriers. To receive the discount, you must buy round-trip tickets in one order for one passenger. Detailed information about discounted flights can be obtained from our support team infobus.eu

What is the ticket price Bristol-Reading?

Ticket price Bristol-Reading may vary by 50%, depending on the carrier, route and availability/absence of connections.

How often do buses leave for the city Reading?

Buses in the direction of Reading depart daily. Some carriers have a separate schedule with a clear schedule of bus departure days.

What kind of buses do they take?

For trips Bristol-Reading large, comfortable Euro-class buses are provided as standard. More details about the vehicles are provided directly next to each individual trip.

Where in Great Britain can you take a bus to the city of Reading?

In the "Countries" section of infobus.eu, select the country Great Britain, and the system will give you all the cities from which buses depart to the city Reading.

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Bus tickets Bristol - Reading on INFOBUS (2024)


Can you buy tickets on the bus in Bristol? ›

You can buy the most common First Bus tickets on board the bus in cash or contactless (except metrobus services – this is a buy before you board service), on their First Bus app, online on a Travelwest Travelcard or at a metrobus iPoint.

Does Infobus have toilets? ›

No, Infobus buses usually don't have a toilet on board.

Can I pay cash on Bristol buses? ›

There are various way to pay for bus tickets. First bus tickets are available as m-Tickets on the First Bus app, but you can also pay via contactless, and most services still accept cash. Please note that Bristol Unibus services are cashless services.

Can I buy bus ticket on the spot? ›

In addition to SingPost's 297 self-service automated machines (SAM machines) where clients can book a ticket and pay on the spot, customers can also visit any of SingPost's 56 post offices nationwide to pay for bus tickets after reserving them at BusOnlineTicket.

Do megabusses have bathrooms? ›

What amenities do your buses offer? On Megabus operated trips the motorcoaches are equipped with onboard restrooms, power outlets, three point seatbelts and reclining seats.

Do interbus have toilets? ›

There are no bathroom on board vehicles; however the travel must be made one or two rest stops these lasts about 15 minutes each of these rest stops is performed in restaurants previously authorized; in these rest stops always has clean bathrooms. The Interbus routes are direct or have connections?

Is there toilet in RegioJet bus? ›

RegioJet Standard Class | RegioJet Bus:

adjustable seats with built-in LCD screens. climate-controlled coaches (A/C and heating) toilets. free, speedy WiFi.

Can you go on a bus without a hop card? ›

You need an AT HOP card to travel on buses — cash is not accepted.

Does Bristol Parkway have a ticket machine? ›

Station facilities

Accessible ticket machines are located at the station entrance by the ticket office. Low-level accessible counter is available, all booking office counters have hearing loop fitted. Set- Down / Pick up Points are available at the station entrance.

Do you have to tap off Bristol buses? ›

What happens if I forget to tap off? You will be charged the single journey price to the end of the route, so please remember to tap off to make sure you are charged the right price and benefit from the discounts.

How to use Bristol metrobus? ›

There's no need for a separate ticket, just present your pass to the driver as you do on a regular bus. You can use your pass to travel on any metrobus service Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 04:00 the next day and any time on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. how much do children pay?

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