Line 6 Customtone (2024)

1. CustomTone

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  • Create, record and perform with guitar in new ways.

2. Line6 Patches - ChopTones

3. 2024 Customtone line 6 from built -

4. 2024 Customtone line 6 Bass music -

  • 17 hours ago · 2024 Customtone line 6 Bass music - - When Line 6 released the original AxSys 212 modelling amp way back in 1996, ...

5. 2024 Customtone line 6 both PODxt, -

  • 1 day ago · 2024 Customtone line 6 both PODxt, - - Helix Native is an open-ended sound design tool that will inspire film/TV/ game ...

6. 2024 Customtone line 6 gain, will -

  • 2024 Customtone line 6 gain, will - herzindagi logo. Akash Yadav. 2024-06-15T13:26:47+03:00. control adjust necessary ...

7. 2024 Customtone line 6 with there -

  • 12 hours ago · taste tones contributed users public exchange individual users affiliated click library folder library browse folder.

8. 2024 Customtone line 6 Tonex guitar

  • 15 hours ago · 2024 Customtone line 6 Tonex guitar · product trademarks users · stomp phaser subtle motion · right click select · browse folder import ...

Line 6 Customtone (2024)


How to use line 6 custom tone? ›

  1. Download the appropriate editor for your Line 6 hardware at and install it.
  2. Download tone(s) from CustomTone to your computer, i.e. your Desktop or Downloads folder, by clicking the “Get Tone” button.
  3. Open the tone(s) in your device's editor.
  4. Save tone(s) to your device in the editor.
Feb 10, 2021

What is line 6 central? ›

Line 6 Central is the new Line 6 device management platform.

Where is the helix floor serial number? ›

The serial number on your HELIX G4 is located on the back of the unit, above the connector plugs.

Is Line 6 owned by Yamaha? ›

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Calabasas, California, the company has been a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation since 2014.

What is hx edit? ›

HX Edit is the editor/librarian software for use with all Helix or HX devices that are. running firmware version 2.80 (or later).* For best performance, it is recommended to.

How to use Line 6 updater? ›

Using a computer or tablet, go to and download Line 6 Updater. Connect the amplifier to your tablet or computer using a USB-B to USB-A or USB-C connection as required by your device. Open Line 6 Updater on your device. Power up the Catalyst amplifier with the master volume all the way down.

What is Line 6 UX1? ›

The POD Studio UX1 is a powerful software and hardware recording solution that's designed with guitarists in mind. POD Studio UX1 includes a 3-channel audio interface with one microphone input, one guitar/bass input, and stereo line inputs for gear such as keyboards and drum machines.

How to update Line 6 pod go? ›

Connect POD Go/POD Go Wireless to your computer and launch POD Go Edit. The software will walk you through the entire procedure, including backing everything up to your computer, updating POD Go Edit, and updating the firmware.

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