Guide for Octopath Traveler - Master Side Story List (2024)

You can check your completed (or in-progress) side stories by going into the Journal section of the menu and pressing Guide for Octopath Traveler - Master Side Story List (1). The following lists are separated by region, just like in the menu. However, since the order the stories appear in the menu depend on the order you do them in, I opted to alphabetize them below.

Completing all the side stories (which will take you the course of the entire game) will net you the Worth the Detour achievement.


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
Kit, the TravelerVariesGive Kit a Healing GrapeUpon completing your first chapter 1 and leaving town


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
Arianna Again (I)StillsnowGuide / Allure quest-giver to Natalia, who is east of the Stonegard Valleys weapon shop--
Arianna Again (II)StillsnowGuide / Allure quest-giver to Natalia, who is east of the Stonegard Valleys weapon shopAfter Arianna (I)
Heirloom of a High HouseNorthreachInquire / Scrutinize Byron Family Lineage from Highbrow Historial in S'warkii
Purchase / Steal Byron's Ring from Master Jeweler in Grandport Markets
Here Be DragonsNorthreachInquire / Scrutinize Affable Merchant NE of Orewell weapon shop, Veteran Mercenary SE of Stillsnow tavern, and Cheerful Storyteller outside Cobbleston tavern--
The Innocent InmateFlamesgrace Cathedral EntrancePurchase / Steal Dungeon Key off Drunken Soldier in the tavern
Inquire / Scrutinize Witness NPC in front of the weapon shop
After Ophilia chapter 1
Let There Be WarmthStillsnowSteal / Purchase Adequate Flax from Villager in SW section of town, Portable Pot from Townsperson behind snowmen, and Satisfactory Coal from Villager in NW section of town--
Lianna and ElizaFlamesgrace CathedralSpeak with Lianna and Eliza in Wispermill after the quest is started and Challenge / Provoke Remnant Leader at west end of Forest of PurgationAfter H'aanit and Ophilia chapter 4
Ogen's EpilogueNorthreachPurchase / Steal a Mind-me-always from Flower Girl in front of Victors Hollow item shop (Ogen will move to grave in Cathedral area)After Alfyn chapter 4
Setting OutStillsnow Challenge / Provoke Pathetic Father inside tavern
Guide / Allure Tavern Proprietor from Quarrycrest tavern back here
Sir Miles, Servant of the Flame (I)FlamesgraceInquire / Scrutinize Former Knight Ardante in the Cathedral (top-right pew) and return to MilesAfter Ophilia chapter 1
Sir Miles, Servant of the Flame (II)StillsnowChallenge / Provoke quest-giverAfter Sir Miles (I)
Sir Miles, Servant of the Flame (III)NorthreachPurchase / Steal Memorial Sword from merchant next to weapon shopAfter Sir Miles (II)
The Slumbering GiantFlamesgraceInquire / Scrutinize Muttering Codger to the west of the tavern and defeat Jötunn in Hoarfrost Grotto for Jötunn HornAfter Ophilia chapter 1


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
City of GoldAtlasdamInquire / Scrutinize Scholarly Youth in Marsalim, who is high up on steps behind weapon shopAfter Cyrus chapter 1
Fit for a KingAtlasdamPurchase / Steal Ambrosial Milk from NPC in front of inn, Roc Egg from boy in between item shop and tavern, and Emperor Crab from Patron in tavernAfter Cyrus chapter 1
The Gravekeeper's GriefEast NoblecourtChallenge / Provoke Awkward Boy in Western Noblecourt Flats
Purchase / Steal the Codger-friendly Bow from Accomplished Graybeard in SW Noblecourt
In Search of Father (I)NoblecourtGuide / Allure Aspiring Actor, who is in East Noblecourt near tavern, back to KitAfter Kit, the Traveler
Mikk and Makk Make GoodNoblecourtChallenge / Provoke the Leon lookalike in the center of townAfter Tressa and Therion chapter 4
The Price of VengeanceEast NoblecourtChallenge / Provoke Crest-bearing Drunk outside Atlasdam Tavern, Crest-bearing Ruffian on Goldshore beach, and Crest-bearing Swindler outside Duskbarrow innAfter Cyrus chapter 1
The Prodigious PaintingAtlasdam PalaceGuide / Allure Landscape Artist from East Saintsbridge Traverse to Art Lover
Purchase / Steal Landscape Artist's Final Masterpiece
After Cyrus chapter 1
Scaredy SheepWestern Wispermill FlatsScrutinize / Inquire Trembling Merchant in same area and defeat Mánagarmr in the Forest of PurgationAfter Ophilia chapter 4
Theracio's Tutelage (I)AtlasdamChallenge / Provoke Shifty Moneylender next to quest-giverAfter Cyrus chapter 1
Theracio's Tutelage (II)NoblecourtPurchase / Steal Tools of Learning from Junk Collector near Azelhart house to the northAfter Theracio (I)
Theracio's Tutelage (III)WispermillGuide / Allure Professor Bastete from the east end of Clearbrook to TheracioAfter Theracio (II)
Tilting at WindmillsWispermillGuide / Allure Dan, who is near Atlasdam weapon shop, back to quest-giver
Challenge / Provoke Bryan in Sunshade Tavern
After Cyrus chapter 4 for first solution


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
The Diarist's DesireGrandport MarketsPurchase / Steal Incredible Item from Satisfied Merchant in SW Wellspring, Astonishing Object from Proud Collector behind Bolderfall inn, and Marvelous Memento from Smirking Townsperson in front of Duskbarrow weapon shopAfter Tressa chapter 4
An Exotic AromaGrandport MarketsPurchase / Steal Quatrait Bloom from Portly Merchant north of Sunshade Inn
Guide / Allure quest-giver to Caravan Member at the end of the Rippletide docks
In Search of Father (II)Moonstruck CoastPurchase / Steal Lapis Lazuli from Traveling Merchant in front of Grandport weapon shopAfter Father (I)
Keeping Up with the WyndhamsGrandportChallenge / Provoke Brigand in West Grandport Coast for Letter from NoaAfter Tressa and Therion chapter 4
Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (I)RippletidePurchase / Steal Adventurers Attire from Antique Dealer nearbyAfter Tressa chapter 1
Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (II)GoldshoreGuide / Allure Harris in front of the Rippletide inn to quest-giverAfter Le Mann (I)
Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (III)Grandport MarketsChallenge / Provoke Wharf Thug to the eastAfter Le Mann (II)
Left BehindGoldshoreGuide / Allure Amnesiac from Victors Hollow (near tavern) to Former Sailor--
Love UnrequitedRippletideChallenge / Provoke Tony left of quest-giver
Guide / Allure Tony's mother (who is by the inn) over to Tony
After Tressa chapter 1
The Merchant's PathGoldshore Manor DistrictInquire / Scrutinize Knowledgeable Traveler NPC in West Goldshore Coast
Challenge / Provoke Drevon in Goldshore Manor District
Princess Mary, ReduxRippletideGuide / Allure Paul from western side of Undertow Cove back to MaryAfter Cyrus chapter 4
Scourge of the SeasGoldshorePurchase / Steal Leviathan Egg from quest-giver and defeat Leviathan in Captains' Bane--


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
At Journey's EndWest S'warkii TrailDefeat true final bossAfter Alphas and the Impresario
Fertile FieldsCobblestonPurchase / Steal Cow Droppings from Courageous Cowherd nearbyAfter Olberic chapter 1
Lost in TranslationStonegard HeightsGuide / Allure Exotic Grandma in south center of Rippletide to quest-giverAfter Tressa chapter 1
Never ForgetCobblestonPurchase / Steal Lorie's Diary from Affable Antiquarian east of the inn
Guide / Allure Melancholy Youth to Lorie's grave in Noblecourt
After Olberic Chapter 1
Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (I)CobblestonGuide / Allure quest-giver into Untouched Sanctum and bring her to the SE cornerAfter Olberic chapter 1
Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (II)Stonegard HeightsScrutinize / Inquire Wandering Minstrel in the southern section of Stonegard ValleysAfter Noelle (I)
Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (III)EverholdPurchase / Steal Timeworn Tapestry from Stage Carpenter in front of the innAfter Noelle (II)
Performance ArtEverholdInquire / Scrutinize Handsome Minstrel in Atlasdam
Purchase / Steal Sword of Sokrath from Creepy Antiquarian in Grandport Markets
A Royal SecretStonegard HeightsInquire / Scrutinize Nameless Gravekeeper in Tomb of Kings
Guide / Allure Patrician Youth west of the small church in Stonegard Valleys
Russell's RepentanceStonegardInquire / Scrutinize Frostlands Know-it-all near north end of Stillsnow, Woodland Know-it-all in center of Duskbarrow, and Cliftlands Know-it-all behind Bolderfall innAfter Cyrus chapter 4
Star of the StageEverholdChallenge / Provoke quest-giver--
Up to No GoodStonegard ValleysGuide / Allure Amnesiac Girl near Sunshade item shop to Ruffian in Stonegard Valleys
Challenge / Provoke Tobias who is on the upper level overlooking Shopowner's roof


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
The Adventures of AliSunshadeGuide / Allure Maruf from the roof of the Marsalim inn back to AliAfter Tressa chapter 4
Back with BaleWellspringInquire / Scrutinize Bishop Donovan in Goldshore CathedralAfter Olberic and Ophilia chapter 4
The BouncerSunshadeChallenge / Provoke Drunken Bouncer outside tavernAfter Primrose chapter 1
Her Time to ShineSunshadePurchase / Steal Diva's Dress from Star Dancer (NW part of town)
Guide / Allure quest-giver to sickly girl just outside dancer dorms
After Primrose chapter 1
In Search of SweetsWellspringSteal / Purchase Beetroot from Frostlands Farmer in NE part of Stillsnow--
In Search of the UnknownMarsalimChallenge / Provoke Swordsman Yuri nearby
Purchase / Steal Tales from a Faraway Land from Passionate Peddler in front of Grandport item shop
King Khalim's ConundrumMarsalimGuide / Allure Theater Manager from the right side of Everhold Amphitheatre to the KingAfter all chapter 4s
The Prisoner's PleaMarsalim PalaceInquire / Scrutinize Lara, who is on the beach west of Grandport Markets--
Ria, Born to Roam (I)SunshadeChallenge / Provoke Ne'er-do-well next to herAfter Primrose chapter 1
Ria, Born to Roam (II)WellspringPurchase / Steal the Tightly Sealed Envelope from Traveling Merchant to the westAfter Ria (I)
Ria, Born to Roam (III)MarsalimInquire / Scrutinize Chieftain on second floor of PalaceAfter Ria (II)
Shadow over the SandsWellspringInquire / Scrutinize Injured Scout in Northern Wellspring Sands and defeat Giant Python & Snake Charmer in Quicksand Caves--


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
The Adventuring LifeRiverfordGuide / Allure Enthusiastic Youth in front of Atlasdam library to quest-giver
Challenge / Provoke Mysterious Knight in South Orewell Pass
A Corpse with No NameEast Saintsbridge TraversePurchase / Steal Hugo's Journal from NPC on bridge in Farshore dungeon
Guide / Allure Restless Woman from Victors Hollow to quest-giver
Daughter of the Dark God (II)SaintsbridgeInquire / Scrutinize Alphas for Alphas's Poem and bring it to Flora in front of the CathedralAfter Daughter (I)
For Want of FishClearbrookPurchase / Steal Saucy Prawns from Magg in the tavern
Challenge / Provoke Fishmonger NPC in West Clearbrook Traverse
After Alfyn chapter 1
Friends AgainSaintsbridge: UpstreamSteal River Blossom from Bully in Saintsbridge and return to NateAfter Ophilia chapter 4
Hello Again, HaraldRiverfordPurchase / Steal Memorial Necklace from Merchant inside guarded Wellspring houseAfter Olberic chapter 4
The Hidden HoardRiverfordInquire / Scrutinize Erstwhile Bodyguard next to fountain in Stonegard Heights
Purchase / Steal House Landar Records from Erstwhile Retainer in Atlasdam (south when you enter)
After Ophilia chapter 4
Meryl, Lost then Found (I)ClearbrookScrutinize / Inquire Meryl's father (outside the tavern) and returnAfter Alfyn chapter 1
Meryl, Lost then Found (II)SaintsbridgeChallenge / Provoke Sellsword next to MerylAfter Meryl (I)
Meryl, Lost then Found (III)RiverfordGuide / Allure her to the house north of her and speak with NPC in bedAfter Meryl (II)
The Pilgrims' PlightClearbrook CathedralChallenge / Provoke Ruffian in East Saintsbridge Traverse--
A Sweet ReunionSouth Clearbrook TraverseGuide / Allure quest-giver to boy standing on bridge in ClearbrookAfter Alfyn chapter 1
The WorrywartSaintsbridgeInquire / Scrutinize Assiduous Scholar at south end of East Saintsbridge Traverse--
Zeph and Mercedes (I)ClearbrookPurchase / Steal Zeph's Letter and bring to Mercedes the Atlasdam librarianAfter Cyrus and Alfyn chapter 4
Zeph and Mercedes (II)AtlasdamPurchase / Steal Mercedes' Letter and bring it back to Zeph outside his house in ClearbrookAfter Zeph and Mercedes (I)


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
The Bandits' CodeLower BolderfallGuide / Allure Faltering Youth from Sunshade tavern back to quest-giver
Scrutinize / Inquire Orphanage Matron on west side of Victors Hollow
After Therion chapter 1
Daughter of the Dark God (I)Ravus Manor GatesChallenge / Provoke AlphasAfter Therion chapter 1
Heathcote's High JinksBolderfallGuide / Allure Old Man by Wispermill save point back to HeathcoteAfter Therion chapter 4
Kaia, Mother of Dragons (I)BolderfallGet hidden item from NPC in West Clearbrook Traverse and return to KaiaAfter Therion chapter 1
Kaia, Mother of Dragons (II)QuarrycrestGuide / Allure Egg Man from Mines area to KaiaAfter Kaia (I)
Kaia, Mother of Dragons (III)OrewellChallenge / Provoke Curious Cleric in Dragonsong FaneAfter Kaia (II)
A Miner DilemmaQuarrycrest MinesPurchase / Steal Whetstone from Stonemonger in SW corner of Goldshore Manor District--
On the PrecipiceOrewellInquire / Scrutinize Know-it-all Milo in Atlasdam Palace Gates (east of Academy)
Challenge / Provoke quest-giver
Revello and OdetteQuarrycrestInquire / Scrutinize Odette and bring info to Revello, who is inside the large house at the east end of East NoblecourtAfter Cyrus and Primrose chapter 4
Sparks of RevolutionBolderfallPurchase / Steal Rebel's Axe, Revolutionary Sword, and Spear of Justice from Paupers in town
Inquire / Scrutinize NPC inside large house in NE corner of Bolderfall
After Therion chapter 1
The Wayward SonOrewellGuide / Allure Stern Knight from Marsalim Palace back to quest-giver--
The Weaver's PredicamentQuarrycrestInquire / Scrutinize Fashionable Traveler in Noblecourt and talk to Gendy
Purchase / Steal Footloth from Gendy and give to Shivering Townsperson in Flamesgrace (house on east end of town)


Side StoryLocationSolution(s)Availability
Again with AlaicVictors HollowGuide / Allure Alaic to Forest of No Return and Challenge / Provoke Bandit Leader north of where you enterAfter H'aanit chapter 4
Alphas and the ImpresarioWest S'warkii TrailFight the tiger enemy nearbyAfter Father (II), Daughter (II), and all chapter 4s
Arena AspirationsVictors HollowInquire / Scrutinize Doting Aunt to the west
Challenge / Provoke quest-giver
Ashlan the Beastmaster (I)S'warkiiInquire / Scrutinize Old Storyteller in tavern for Tales of the Beast Tamers infoAfter H'aanit chapter 1
Ashlan the Beastmaster (II)Victors Hollow Arena GatePurchase / Steal Snakesbane from Monster Hunter in front of Arena doorsAfter Ashlan (I)
Ashlan the Beastmaster (III)DuskbarrowGuide / Allure Ashlan to his father, who is in the NE corner of Moldering RuinsAfter Ashlan (II)
A Cub with No NameDuskbarrowGuide / Allure Beastmaster, who is in front of Bolderfall inn, back to quest-giver
Inquire / Scrutinize Scholar of Beasts west of S'warkii tavern
Into Thin AirVictors HollowGuide / Allure Ellie, who is behind boss in Forest of No Return, back to Victors Hollow--
Looting Grave RobberDuskbarrowChallenge / Provoke Grave Robber in Moldering Ruins--
A Promising VentureVictors Hollow Arena GateInquire / Scrutinize Estadas and Mont d'Or in this area--
Rite of PassageS'warkiiPurchase / Steal Giant Tusk from Nomadic Hunter NE of North S'warkii Trail save point
Inquire / Scrutinize info from Roving Naturalist west of North S'warkii Trail save point
After H'aanit chapter 1
Way Through the WoodsS'warkiiGuide / Allure Genteel Madam in the middle of the village to Industrious Husband in Bolderfall, north of the innAfter H'aanit chapter 1

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Guide for Octopath Traveler - Master Side Story List (2024)


Guide for Octopath Traveler - Master Side Story List? ›

There are 101 side stories in total in Octopath Traveler. The first side story available is always Kit, the Traveler, and will take place in the same region as the first traveler chosen by the player. There are 8 side stories series (one for each region) that take place over three parts.

How many side stories are in Octopath Traveler? ›

There are 101 side stories in total in Octopath Traveler. The first side story available is always Kit, the Traveler, and will take place in the same region as the first traveler chosen by the player. There are 8 side stories series (one for each region) that take place over three parts.

Who is the best person to start with in Octopath Traveler? ›

Ochette is the Hunter of Octopath Traveler 2, a strong physical job that provides a variety of unique abilities. Her path actions aren't particularly strong — she can Provoke NPCs into fighting her monsters during the day, and Befriend them using items at night.

How to track side quests in Octopath Traveler? ›

Side Quests can be tracked in the main menu under the Journal tab. Hit the R shoulder button to move to the next section dedicated to the Side Stories. You can also use the Journal option to view story progression for each character and their Crossed Paths.

Does Octopath Traveler have 8 stories? ›

First off, the stories in Octopath 1 are actually related, just not that strongly, especially while you are going through them. There was a somewhat hidden 'true final boss' after you completed all 8 stories, and the area leading up to that boss had a lore dump that explained all the story connections in detail.

Should I play Octopath Traveler 8 times? ›

Do I need to play the game 8 times to see everyone's story in its entirety? Just confused as to how the game might work. :) No, you can do everything (get every achievement even, nothing missable) on a single playthrough. Basically you go to various towns to experience chapters in the various characters' stories.

Are Octopath 1 and 2 connected? ›

If you're wondering whether you need to have played the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER to enjoy this follow-up, the answer is: no you don't. OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is a completely standalone game - the world is unique, the characters are brand new, and their stories are told entirely within this game.

Who is the most difficult boss in Octopath Traveler? ›

The name that stirs both excitement and dread in your heart: Galdera The Fallen. He is a beloved part of the first Octopath as the game's 'final' boss, and he returns once again as a hidden optional boss. Getting to him is not only time-consuming, but a true battle of strength and attrition.

Where is the best place to steal in Octopath Traveler? ›

The far and away best thing to steal in Octopath, is the secret Golden Axe. Located in the town of Clearbrook – Alfyn's starting area – you can use either H'aanit or Olberic to battle a woman guarding a tucked away door.

How many hours to beat Octopath Traveler 1? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story49061h 14m
Main + Extras73181h 13m
Completionist266105h 38m
All PlayStyles1.5K79h

Can you get all 8 characters in Octopath Traveler? ›

They begin in different places and begin as different Jobs, but no matter who or where you start with, you can eventually get all 8 to join your party and experience all their stories in one playthrough. This is a section of our Octopath Traveler 2 complete guide.

Does order matter in Octopath Traveler? ›

Nope you can do whatever you wish. I personally made two teams of 4 and finished all the chapters for my main team then switched to the other four.

Should I finish Octopath Traveler 1 before 2? ›

Octopath Traveler 2 is a stand-alone game in the series, meaning you do not have to play the first game to experience the story of the second. The characters are completely fresh, the lay of the land is new, the areas to unlock and explore are different and enemy types too have been given a bit of an overhaul.

How many endings are there in Octopath Traveler? ›

Answers. Without giving away too much, each traveler's story has one main ending, finishing all eight storylines and the crossed paths segments unlocks an additional main story chapter which has the true final boss and the epilogue. That's nine endings, total.

How long is Octopath 1? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story48961h 15m
Main + Extras72981h 12m
Completionist264105h 38m
All PlayStyles1.5K78h 58m

How many stories are there in Octopath Traveler 2? ›

Story. While Octopath Traveler II retains the same structure of following eight separate character's stories throughout the game, it follows eight new characters in a new setting separate from the prior games.

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