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      Tackle all the challenges of provider directory management within a health plan with a single solution tailored to your specific needs.

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      Finally, a comprehensive resource to support collecting, storing, and sharing credentialing data with ease.

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Quality Manager formerly known as abaqis®

Mitigate risk and elevate your quality of care. Improving both clinical and business outcomes starts with a smarter, more integrated approach to regulatory training, continuing education and quality management.

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Meet the DEA's new requirement under the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act in an online, high-quality and self-paced 8-hour DEA MATE Act course specifically designed for practitioners, including Physicians, PAs, NPs, Pharmacists, Dentists and others.

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BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (4)

The American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite is the most flexible resuscitation solution for BLS, ALS, and PALS certification in healthcare. This adaptive, mobile-optimized solution focuses on high performance CPR while offering easeof program delivery and management.

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BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (5)

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (6)

Improve resuscitationproficiency

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (7)

Easily meet regulatoryrequirements

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (8)

Reduce total training time and program cost

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (9)

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (10)

Inspired by purpose, driven by mission.

We are proud to collaborate with the American Red Cross, the premier provider of resuscitation and first aid training, to deliver the most flexible, cost-efficient resuscitation training solution in healthcare.

Together, we have supported over 5,000 healthcare facilities to achieve over 3 million certifications across Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (11)

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (12)


At Air Methods, we transport nearly 60,000 patients annually, from 140 bases across the US. We transitioned from a traditional leader-led program to the Red Cross instructor-less model, allowing our staff to obtain or update their certifications on their own schedule. The instructor-less model has significantly reduced the burden on our educators while also resulting in substantial cost savings.

Darrin Burchat

Clinical Education Manager

Air Methods Corporation

It’s not a test- it’s learning a new skill. Some people can learn how to ride a bike after one try, others may need to hop on several times before it clicks. That’s also how these manikins work. We are learning skills and correcting old habits.

Nathalie Korpics

MS, Training Manager, Radiology

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ensuring that resuscitation proficiencies are achieved in the skilled nursing facility, home health, and assisted living settings requires an integrated approach. Learn why EmpRes Healthcare, a leading healthcare management provider, made the decision to switch to the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite.

EmpRes Healthcare

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (13)

Training with global recognition

Recognized by the Brandon Hall Group's Excellence in Technology Awards, the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite paired with our educator tools for program management and compliance helps you deliver a better training experience while enhancing performance support.

Optimize training to improve outcomes

Red Cross' cutting-edge instructional design and resuscitation science expertise paired with our industry-leading program management tools, allows you to provide Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification with ease.

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (14)

Resuscitation Training Standards & Guidelines

Stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines for resuscitation training


  • Request a Demo

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (15)

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (16)

Elevated learning experience

Founded on ILCOR guidelines, Red Cross' curriculum goes beyond a cardiac focus and meets all U.S. requirements for competency verification, education, credentialing, and privileging. This program also offers personalized competency development and an engaging learning experience.

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (17)

Immediate, objective skills feedback

Choice is important. That's why we offer you the flexibility to choose which manikin is right for your organization to validate skills. We've integrated with CAE and Innosonian to offer hStream certified manikins that can measure real-time performance on compression depth, recoil, hand placement, and rate.

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (18)

Operationalize with ease

Not only do we offer you the ability to select your preferred skills practice at no additional cost with our custom interval dial, we also offer everything you need to easily manage program compliance with our Resuscitation Performance Dashboard. This dashboard allows access to digital certificates and offers enterprise and department-level insights.

Ready to learn more?

Watch the video below to see how hStream certified manikins can help you train for accuracy and consistency.

Saving a Life is Extraordinary

Do you know an individual or team that deserves to be recognized by demonstrating extraordinary lifesaving skills? Consider nominating them to receive a National Lifesaving Award, offered exclusively by the Red Cross.

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (19)

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Looking for ways to reduce seat time and cut hard costs?
  • Frustrated with continuous price increases without any outcome improvement?
  • Ready to learn why there is such disparity in survival rates post-cardiac arrest?

Let's talk!

Complete the form below and one of our trusted advisors will be in touch to build a resuscitation training strategy that's right for your organization.

BLS, ALS, PALS Certification-old (2024)
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