Anne's unusual nickname for Charles shows just how close they are (2024)

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Princess Anne shares a strong bond with her eldest brother King Charles and she's been described as his 'right-hand woman.'

By Aurora Bosotti

Anne's unusual nickname for Charles shows just how close they are (2)

Princess Anne shares a strong bond with King Charles (Image: Getty)

Princess Anne has been using a rather unusual nickname to refer to King Charles, one which highlights how "close" they are.

Royal Family members are known to bestow upon each other special monikers, from Prince William calling Princess Charlotte "mignonette" to the late Queen Elizabeth II's well-known nickname Lilibet.

The Princess Royal seems to be following royal tradition, adopting a special name to refer to her eldest brother – and it's just as adorable.

The monicker was revealed in the BBC documentary Charles III: The Coronation Year, which detailed Charles's first year on the phone up to his Coronation in May 2023.

In one clip, Princess Anne could be seen coming up to her brother, saying: "Hello, Old Bean."

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Princess Anne calls King Charles 'old bean'

The greeting had the King break out in a smile and a laugh as he then took his sister's hand and kissed it to welcome her.

Expert Hannah Furniss, royal editor for The Telegraph, suggested the nickname shows how much of a strong bond the senior royal shares with Charles.

Ms Funiss said: "There was a lovely moment in the documentary recently where we saw her calling Charles 'Old Bean'.

"They have this very warm relationship and she is probably in a better position than anyone to give him advice, give him a bit of sympathy when he needs it, give him a bit of a pep talk.

"She understands how the Royal Family works and she has a bit of an eye to the past and to the future."

Much like their mother before him, the King has heavily relied on Princess Anne's support since ascending the throne.

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    Anne's unusual nickname for Charles shows just how close they are (3)

    Anne has consistently emerged as the hardest-working Royal Family member (Image: Getty)

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    She has often been described as his "right-hand woman" because of her deep commitment to the monarchy.

    Anne has consistently emerged as one of the busiest members of the Royal Family. Last year, she led the family as she conducted 457 official engagements.

    The Princess Royal has been forced to slow down in recent weeks after she was treated for a minor head injury and concussion last month.

    The royal was taken to hospital on June 23 after she was thought to have been injured in a horse-related incident.

    She returned to her Gloucestershire home five days later and is not expected to return to work until she has the all-clear from her doctors.

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    Anne's unusual nickname for Charles shows just how close they are (2024)
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